TOUCH - short film

3:47 PM

TOUCH is a silent short film produced and written by Chicago-based actor/writer/improviser Maggie Dempsey.

Directed by C.J. Arellano:

Touch from C.J. Arellano on Vimeo.
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CHEF BOYARDEE - promotional campaign

8:23 PM

#POPTOPSAREBACK was a promotional campaign for Chef Boyardee, announcing the return of their pop-top cans.

GIFs and still images were created to distribute on Chef Boyardee's social media channels.

Directed by C.J. Arellano:

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IT'S STILL LIFE - sketch comedy show

8:02 PM

IT'S STILL LIFE is a sketch comedy show co-written by C.J. Arellano.

He also provided video direction for the show and edited the trailers:


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6:58 PM

MIND OVER MARRIAGE is a 15-minute sci-fi pilot about a wife and husband who gain the ability to read each other's minds.

Written and Directed by C.J. Arellano:

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PANTS - sketch comedy video

8:58 PM

 PANTS is a sketch comedy video about two ladies who meet for coffee.

Directed by C.J. Arellano:
Pants - watch more funny videos

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LYRIC OPERA - promo videos

3:53 PM

DR. OPERA was a series of short videos featuring opera characters in therapy.  The videos were created to promote the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

Edited by C.J. Arellano:

"Dr. Opera - Session 1: Hansel & Gretel"

"Dr. Opera - Session 2: Mimi & Rodolfo"

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MAKE IT VIRAL - promo video

2:39 PM

MAKE IT VIRAL is a promo spot for the branded content services of Second City Communications.

Directed by C.J. Arellano:

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DELL - "Scribe" - promo videos

1:24 PM

DELL - "Scribe" was a series of promotional videos that highlight the benefits of a Dell printer.

Edited by C.J. Arellano:

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SEATTLE'S BEST - "Declare Your Level Show" - promo videos

12:34 PM

SEATTLE'S BEST - "Declare Your Level Show" was a campaign designed to highlight the Seattle's Best's new "level system" for their coffee products.

Edited by C.J. Arellano

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PAYCOR - "Payroll Lovers" - promo video

11:57 AM

PAYCOR - "Payroll Lovers" was part of a marketing campaign by payroll service provider Paycor that centered on characters who inexplicably love payroll.

Edited by C.J. Arellano:

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GET HYBRID - music video

5:55 PM

GET HYBRID is a hip-hop music video for Leggett & Platt's spring-and-foam hybrid mattresses. It was produced by Second City Communications.

Edited by C.J. Arellano:

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4:57 PM

EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE is a music video for the single by JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound.

Editing and motion graphics by C.J. Arellano:

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is a writer, director, and video editor living in Chicago. He made or collaborated on the things you'll be seeing here today.

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